As a CLA member the BCLA must adhere to the FIL regulations on crosses and pockets. This season, starting September 15th, all crosses must appear on the April 2018 FIL Approved Crosses and Pockets list (also referred to as the stick list).  All crosses including goalie crosses must appear on the following stick list : 

FIL Memo - Women's Approved Crosses and Pockets (posted Sept10/18)


Exception: The Under Armour Future stick, at present has not made the published list of approved sticks, but CLA officiating has received the documentation to show that it has passed the necessary testing and will therefore be ALLOWED for play in the 2018/2019 BCLA season.


Feel free to contact Jason Carr if you have any questionsabout the Women’s Field Lacrosse sticks - (604) 816-3125 or E-Mail:




The Game

Women's Field Lacrosse is a quick, free-flowing game which is easy to understand and watch. The game is played on a 100m x 55m field with 12 players aside on the field. The full roster of a Women's Field team is 16-20 players.

Unlike Men's Field or Box Lacrosse, Women's Field is a non-contact sport. There is no aggressive checking with either the stick or the body. This results in a game which has added emphasis on a fast-paced, polished game centred on ball movement The International Federation of Women's Lacrosse Associations sanctions international championships at the junior and senior level on a four year cycle.


Canada consistently places in the top two positions and performances at the last few championships and have clearly shown the promise of great things to come. The Women's Field program is the youngest of our competitive programs. The future of the growth has been clearly demonstrated to lie in the secondary and university clubs. The scholastic development program sets the ground work for the success to come.

Information from Canadian Lacrosse Assocation website