2019 Minor Box Lacrosse Sanctioned Tournament Application

DEADLINE: Thursday, January 10, 2019 - Midnight. One team application per form.

Late applications will not be accepted

Sanctioned Tournaments will be ratified under the following conditions:
  1. All tournaments will strictly adhere to all Rules and Regulations of the BCLA and the CLA. Reminder for Mini-Tyke and Tyke Tournaments (under Regulation 14.04), only 3 modified/mini games are allowed per day.
  2. Tournaments must adhere to Regulation 14 of Minor Directorate Operating Policy.
  3. All teams from outside of the Province of British Columbia must have written permission from their governing bodies before participating in the Tournament.
  4. All referees for all BCLA sanctioned tournaments must be approved by the BCLOA. Please contact your BCLOA Zone Rep to ensure you have enough officials to host this tournament.
  5. Rules and Regulations of said tournament(s) must be submitted along with this application to the Minor Directorate Tournament Administrator as outlined in Regulation 14 of the Minor Directorate Operating Policy.
    In addition to submitting your application(s) on-line, you must submit the Rules and Regulations for your tournament(s) by e-mail to the Minor Directorate Provincial Tournament Administrator, Gordon Miller laxtournaments@gmail.com
  6. Associations can only host BCLA-sanctioned tournaments. Associations hosting unsanctioned tournaments will be held in breach of the Code of Conduct.

Reminder: Associations and Tournament Hosts must adhere to all sections of Regulation 14 of the BCLA Minor Directorate Operating Policy - click here

Application Form


Tournament Name:


Please select all divisions and tiers that are applicable to your tournament.

Novice A1
Novice A2
Novice B
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PeeWee A1
PeeWee A2
PeeWee B
PeeWee C
Bantam A1
Bantam A2
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Bantam C
Midget A1
Midget A2
Midget B
Midget C
Female Tyke
Female Novice
Female Peewee
Female Bantam
Female Midget
Female Junior


  • All TEAM BC Box DISTRICT Tryout Camps will be held on April 20, 2019.
  • TEAM BC PROVINCIAL Tryout Camps:

    • MIDGET - May 24-26
    • BANTAM - May 3-5
    • PEEWEE - May 10-12

Tournament Start Date - (mm/dd/yyyy)

Tournament End Date - (mm/dd/yyyy)


Arena #1: Address:

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Entry Fee: ($)

Minimum numer of games a team will play (not including medal games):

C O N T A C T     P E R S O N

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DEADLINE: Thursday, January 10, 2019 Midnight. One application per form.
Late applications will not be accepted.

Tournaments will be posted on the BCLA website for viewing only on March 7, 2019 and open for teams to apply on March 14, 2019.