Jimmy Gunn Merit Award

Candidates are chosen from the ranks of referees.  They are judged on their achievements toward promoting sportsmanship and the image of the game.

Jimmy was an outstanding senior referee - one of the type that you seldom notice during a game.  He was an avid supporter and trainer of new referees, and in his own way, an early supporter of refereeing positioning and signaling.  Typically, he was dumbfounded when asked to present the first award in 1969.


Year Senior Minor Field
2019 Terry Foulds Julia Diemand Wes Tyre
2018 Cameron Anderson Mike Van de Leur Ted Baranyai
2017 Lee Brien Nicolas dos Santos Cam McCulloch
2016 Jamie Graham Rory Marshall Al Sleightholme 
2015 Cam Comeau Aaron Wildgrove Jody Weatherby
2014 Sean Lehman Cameron Anderson Ed Moffat
2013 Greg Pepper Andy Watson Ryan Nose
2012 Nick Thomas Jody Weatherby Kody Moleschi
2011 Gord Patrick Brian Horning Rob Cook
2010 Mark Tymchuk Heather Foulds Lee Brian
2009 Terry Foulds Derek Harris Wilson Louie
2008 Keith Williams Sean Lehman Mark Forlin
2007 Craig Baldridge Kristen Armstrong Wilson Louie
2006 Ron Crosato Richard Appels Dave Goulet
2005 Lorne Craig Brian Baker Don Floyd
2004 Andrew Corbould Gordon Foulds John Robbie
2003 Ron Crosato Keith Williams Terry Mosdell
2002 Gord McIntosh Nick Thomas Gary Spaven
2001 Mike Everett Doug Wright Adam Pascas
2000 Randy Sernagiotto Brandon Popoff  
1999 Andrew Corbould Robert Burnett David Goulet
1998 Bill Duck Joe Wong Dave Cadwallader
1997 Andrew Corbould Drew Paddon  
1996 Rick Lum Mark Miller  
1995 Bob Taylor Tanya Gordon  
1994 Ron Crosato Erwin Bargen  
1993 Ken McDonald Dan Petersen  
1992 Lorne Cardiff Clint Ramsay  
1991 Bill Duck Mark Newlove  
1990 Bob McAloney Eric Bennetti  
1989 Bill Duck Peter Mutch