Box Lacrosse - Form 100B

2024 Box Lacrosse Form 100B - click here  Please do not PDF these files.

Please email completed EXCEL Form 100B to


Online Coaches FairPlay Form - click here - all MINOR Coaches must complete this form.  Senior Coaches do not.



Form 100s are due May 1st for the Minor Associations and April 20th for the Senior Divisions



  • Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches (all coaches on the bench) will be held to the same standard at ALL times
  • Old NCCP Level 1 Certified is equivalent to Community Development Trained (CMD)
  • Old NCCP Level 2 Certified is equivalent to Competitive Introduction Trained (CPI)
  • A first year CPI Coach must be 'In-Training' ('In-Training' is attending the clinic and working on completion of the workbook and the Making Headway in Sport online module).
  • A second year CPI Coach must be 'Trained' ('Trained' is the completion of the workbook and the Making Headway online module).
  • National Team Coaches must be 'Certified' ('Certified' is once a Coach is 'Trained' they complete an Ethics course and evaluation).


Trainer Certification


Trainers must be certified a minimum of first responders (firefighter, ambulance, armed forces personnel, medical professional, etc.) or have an approved and valid trainer's certificate suitable registered on the Form 100B.  Trainer certification, including a person trained as a first-responder must be noted on all applicable game sheets unless a trainer is provided for an entire event by the BCLA (i.e. Minor Provincial Championships).