Box Lacrosse Timelines

  • Minor Directorate Timeline:

    January Mid month is the deadline for all tournament hosting applications (dates set by MD)
    February 1 Last day for approval of playing rules (MD 4.01)
    March 15 Payment due for 50% of previous year's registration fees (MD 3.02)
    April 1 Last day to submit request for Senior age player to play down (MD 7.01)
    April 30 Last day for Commissions to approve player releases (MD 8.08)
    May 1 Coaches must be registered on Form 100B and registration fees paid at the BCLA office (BCLCA 1.02, BCLCA 11.01)
    May 7
    Last date to send "C" team lists to the League Commissioner (MD 5.04)
    No more criss-cross of players between teams in the same division (MD 4.03)
    Last day to permanently transfer players to another team within the same playing caliber or league (MD 4.09)
    May 11 Final date of registration of coach for playoffs (BCLCA 2.03, BCLCA 11.01)
    May 15
    One copy of each player's registration form and all copies of the Team Registration Lists submitted to BCLA Office (MD 3.05)
    No more player registrations to be accepted unless approved by Commissioner (MD 3.06)
    Last date to send list of grandfathered players to the Minor registrar (MD 8.09)
    May 31 Last date for house league areas to send additional Team Lists for combined teams marked "Tournament/Provincial Team" to BCLA Office (MD 3.04)
    June 1 No Team Movement (MD 5.03)
    Mid month is the deadline for Provincial declaration forms to be received at the BCLA office, not to be confused with the May 31 team list requirement. The declaration form is separate and additional (dates set by MD).
    Mid month is the deadline for Zone Directors to receive nominations of Zone Lacrosse Players (dates set by MD).
    June 20
    Last day for a Commissioner to approve registration of new players (MD 3.06)
    Final payment of current year's registration fees is due (MD 3.08)
    Sept - First Weekend Latest Provincial Championship date (MD 12.07)
    Please Note: 45 days prior to the October AGM is the last day for submission of proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws and Operating Policies.
  • Senior Directorate Timeline:

    January 1
    Birth year consideration (SD 3.02, SD 5.20, SD 5.32, SD 23.02)
    Team application due
    Team fee due (SD 11.02)
    First date of player signing (SD 4.06)
    March 1 Last date for Senior A (WLA) draft to be done (SD 5.21)
    March 15 Last date for Senior B draft (SD 5.21)
    Deadline for Leagues to file League Agreements for ratification (SD 8.03)
    Last date for Junior A Graduated Free Agent Midget Draft  (SD 5.21)
    April 1
    Team fee and application deadline - if not in, team is precluded from play (SD 11.02)
    Insurance fee due (SD 11.06)
    Player certificates sent out to teams (SD 4.01)
    Deadline to return trophies to BCLA Office (SD 15.02)
    April 20 All Senior protected lists due (SD 5.23, SD 5.26, SD 5.34, SD 5.35)
    May 1
    All unsigned and unprotected players become free agents (SD 5.24, SD 5.39)
    All non reporting players move from protected list to hold out list (SD 5.25, SD 5.39)
    May 15
    Final date for coaching Form 100B signing (BCLCA 1.02, BCLCA 11.02)
    Final date for coaching fees from Form 100B (BCLCA 1.02, BCLCA 11.02)
    May 25 Final date of registration of coach for playoffs (BCLCA 2.03, BCLCA 11.02)
    May 31 Deadline for Juvenile registration certificates and fees (SD 23.03)
    July 1 Final dates for new player signing (SD 4.07)
    July 15 Final date for signing players released by other teams prior to July 1 (SD 4.08)
    August 1 All affiliation forms must be filed (SD 7.01)